Cable car Malcesine Monte Baldo

The Malcesine
Monte Baldocable car

From Malcesine to Mount Baldo at 1760m of altitude by the rotating cable car of Lake Garda

It is located in Malcesine, on Lake Garda, it is open ten months a year and closes for maintenance before Easter and at the end of the summer season, usually in November.

The ascent to Monte Baldo with the cable car is very attractive thanks to the cabin of the second stretch which turns 360 degrees during the ride. The landscape seen from the cabin is just amazing.

Season opening 2020 and information on Coronavirus protocol

Last update: 11th June 2020

The cable car opens on Saturday 13th June 2020.

  • The runs are non-stop.

  • You can buy just back and forth tickets. It is compulsory to buy tickets online one day before.

  • With no reservation the access to the cable car is subject to availability and tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office at Malcesine cable car station.

  • The bike rides are at .15 of every hour (8:15 - 9:15 - 10:15, 11:15, etc). Subject to availability pedestrians also can board the cable car.

  • The middle station of San Michele is for transit only and boarding is not permitted.

  • The chair lift of Prà Alpesina is open and can carry a maximum of two persons at the time.

Here you will find the price list.

Please note that the regulation could change; to stay updated check the cable car web site or follow their Facebook page.

Useful informations: capacity, stations, timetables and ascent for disabled

The Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car consists of 3 different stations. The bottom one is in Malcesine located in Navene Vecchia road 12. The middle one is in San Michele at about 580 meters of height. The top one is on Monte Baldo, located in Tratto Spino at 1780 meters of height.

The cabin leading from Malcesine to the middle station of San Michele can carry 45 people while the one of the second stretch, from San Michele to Monte Baldo, can take up to 80 passengers and is the one that turns 360 degrees (very slowly, is is not a rollercoaster).

Timetables and duration of ascent and descent

The ascent takes about 20 minutes excluding change times in San Michele.

  • The first ascent from Malcesine starts at 8.00am, with successive rides every 30 minutes.

  • The first ascent from San Michele starts at 8.15am, with successive rides every 30 minutes.

  • The first descent from Monte Baldo starts at 8.15am, with successive rides every 30 minutes.

  • The first descent from San Michele starts at 8.00am, with successive rides every 30 minutes.

As demand increases during the season, the rides follow each other without a break.

The timetable of the last ride varies during the season. For further information call +39 045 7400206.

Travelling with the cable car for disabled people

People that are 100% disabled and their accompanists are allowed to skip the queue and get a free ticket.

You can reach the boarding floor with the lift directly from the underground parking lot at -1. You will have to stop at the ticket office to get your ticket.

The chair lift Prà Alpesina on Monte Baldo

It is located on the eastern side of Monte Baldo, next to the road coming from Avio. In ten minutes, it will take you to the ridge of Monte Baldo, overlooking lake Garda. From here you can reach the top station of the cable car walking on a short panoramic trail.

For prices and opening times consult page “timetables and fares" of the cable car.

Excursions by foot or bike on Monte Baldo

Next to the station you can find short strolls with plenty of refreshment points that match perfectly with your need of a relaxing day far from the daily routine.

For the more sporty types there are enough trails, some of them very challenging.

Here you can find information and our tips for walks on Monte baldo.

Here, instead, our suggestions for mountain biking on Monte Baldo.

Bike rides with the cable car

The rides for the bikes from Malcesine to San Michele are possible all year round while from San Michele to the top of Monte Baldo are related to the opening of the Provincial road N°8 of Baldo which, due to snow, is closed during winter.

Bike transport on the cable car has its own rides and times. Every ride can host 13 people with their bikes. On the ticket you can find the time of your ride and if you can't be there on time you can catch the next ride if there is a free place.

The ticket is valid just for a single ride and can't be bought on previous days. Normally we suggest that you get your ticket early in the morning to make sure you catch the ride you are interested in.

For further informations call +39 045 7400206

Weather and web cam on Monte Baldo

Weather forecast can be found at the bottom of every page of this site. Here are the six web cams: 4 are along the lake and 2 over Monte Baldo.

How to get and where the cable car stations are located

The station at the bottom in Malcesine

Is in Navene Vecchia road.

  • Coming from north: turn left at the first small roundabout. The station is on your right at the top of the short ascent.

  • Coming from south: turn right at the second, smaller, roundabout. The station is on your right at the top of the short ascent.

The middle station of San Michele

It is located in San Michele at about 580 meters of height. Once in Malcesine take the Panoramica road (both from north or south) and when you arrive at the Campiano pass, before going downhill again, turn right uphill if you come from south, or left if you come from north. Keep going up for about 2 km on the wider road until you reach the cable car station.

The station at the top of Monte Baldo

It is located in Tratto Spino, at 1760 meters of height. You can reach it both by foot or bike (only from eastern side and if you are well trained), or by cable car.

Parking lot for the Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car

There are two parking lots:

  • In Malcesine, at the station Covered, you have to pay for it but it has 170 car places

  • In San Michele It is not covered, with some free places you can find next to the station, on the east side. Just before the station, on the last uphill, on the left, there is another parking lot but it isn’t free.

Take care because the parking lot closes just after the last ride in the evening.


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