North Kiteboarding Freestyle Tour 2016 at Malcesine with Airton Cozzolino and Gianmaria Coccoluto

  • Malcesine
  • 22.05.2016
  • Interview
Angela Trawoeger

Angela Trawoeger

Creator, photographer and content manager

Airton Cozzolino and Gianmaria Coccoluto were in Malcesine on 21st May for the penultimate round of the North Kiteboarding Freestyle Tour 2016 which consists of 6 events on the most important beaches of Italy.

The day started early in Campagnola where we did our first photo session with the Peler wind.

Then Airton and Gianmaria went to visit the North centres – Ckm at Marniga, Easy Kite at Malcesine and Kite Center Garda Lake at Navene.

Before the afternoon session, they stopped by at the Official North Kiteboarding Garda Lake shop who had organised the day.

There was a great show in the afternoon at Kite Club of Malcesine: sun, wind, beach full of people and North test kit.

airton cozzolino a malcesine

Gianmaria and Airton gave a good show in the water close to the beach for nearly 3 hours.

The day finished on a high note at Malcesine Corner with DJ Set and Gin Mare Party.

As is traditional for 360gardalife, as well as the photoshoot of all the action, we couldn’t miss out on firing a few questions at Airton as we did with Gianmaria Coccoluto, Aaron Hadlow and Cesar Portas.

We look forward to seeing you at Malcesine – happy reading!

gianmaria coccoulto a malcesine


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Hi Airton, what’s your favourite spot?

Ponta Preta (CV) and One Eye (MRU)

How did you start and who got you started?

I started Kiting when I was 11 off the beaches of Santa Maria Sal with my father, Libero Cozzolino.

What gets you on the water every day?

There are many motives for going out every day but not just because I need to train. I go out every day because I’m better when I’m on the water.

How do you like going around promoting North Kiteboarding?

I have to say that I really like it. From the beginning they have helped me to develop and North kit is fantastic.

And how was it going round with your team mate Gianmaria?

I’ve had a lot of fun with Gianmari’ – that’s what I call him. He’s a good friend and I hope I can do other tours like this with him.

gianmaria coccoulto a malcesine


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How is the season going and what are your objectives for 2016?

This season is going really well. At the moment I’m concentrating on the Strapless World Cup!

Have you already been to Lake Garda to go kiting?

Yes, I’ve already been here a couple of times and I have to say that I’ve always had fun at Garda.

We know you are a sea kiter. Here with us you go out in the morning with North wind and in the afternoon with South wind. What do you think of our small beaches and our winds?

We have been really lucky to do a double session. In the morning with the north wind I find the water a bit cold and, not being used to this, I suffered a bit. However, in the afternoon I had great fun with the south wind: the wind is more regular, the water is warmer and there were lots of people out to have fun with. Great! Thanks guys for a fun time!!

How did you like the atmosphere and organisation at the Kite Club beach?

The organisation was the best and the team are fantastic. I had great fun and I’m sure to come back to see you all again. Malcesine’s already on my list.

Do you reckon that it would be possible to have a round of the Strapless World Tour at Malcesine?

This is the general idea – it would be perfect.

Thanks Airton and a big ‘Good Luck’ to you all!
It’s been a pleasure having you here.


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