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Here below we name the spots for slalom windsurfing with north and south wind. You will also find our tips about winds and the right equipment.

On a normal weather day on Lake Garda you will find the Pelér, the north wind of the morning that then gives place to the Ora around mid/late morning. The Ora is south wind which blows until the evening. The average of windy days in a year is very high and this is why Lake Garda is considered as one of the best European spots for windsurfing.

Retelino (big Car Park)

On the eastern side of Lake Garda, 1km north of Malcesine. The wind blows well in the mornings, between 20 and 25 knots. Under the coast the water tends to be flat but further out the chop forms and it is perfect to train with small boards of 90/98 liters and sails such as 6.3 or 7.2. During the summer you can enter in water from 5:30 in the morning to 9:30 to try and find the right set up.


Is located on the eastern side of Lake Garda, at the north end. During the morning there is not always wind but when it blows you can try your bigger slalom equipment on totally flat water. The wind can be mostly gusty.

To limonaie

Another great and fun spot on the western side of the lake. You can reach it crossing the lake from Navene or going to the western side and going out from Capo Reamol. The water is extremely flat so you can reach very high speeds, the wind is very constant and jibing in slalom at speeds so high gives a lot of adrenaline. In summer the water is so transparent that it makes you feel like you are in heaven.


Is an afternoon spot. Unfortunately the Ora does not always enter but when it happens it’s worth it. Flat water and constant wind between 10 and 14 knots is what awaits you. It’s the spot to trim with light wind: 130 liters and 9.3.

The Conca d’oro in Torbole

Is on the eastern side of the lake, in the north. It’s a paradise for slalom and freeride lovers.

The Ora is there everyday with light and medium intensity, lot of chop and it is easy to move around. But if you like to go flat out it could become more difficult due to the crowds and gusty wind.

If the Ora is light a 122 litres with 8.6 sail is needed but a 107 litres board and a 7.9 sail will be better in case of strong wind.

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